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Play Ideas, Play Creativity, Play Better. In present days, only reciting, memorizing and reading are not enough for the rising competition in this global environment. The key skills for the future are think creatively, filter the critical information, and possess the real problem solving skills. Thus, we develop and utilize the creative S.T.E.A.M (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) programs and ultimate learning tools to provide our kids a brand new learning experience.

Our Founder

Barry Chuang work in education industry for decades, and focuses on robotics education curriculum development. He combine his expertise to fund PLAYIDEAs in order to inspire more kids and let them have access to the latest STEM education programs since 2015. 


Our Vision

With our unique learning solutions, we believe we can inspire children's creativities and create their passions for learning. Our core value is "Play Ideas, Play Creativeity, Play Better". PLAYIDEAs team foucuses on extending the vision for every students and enriching their learning experience. The new generation eduaction is not only confined in textbooks, but also focuses on the diversified teaching method. PLAYIDEAs learning programs have resources and ideas to teach and accompany our children in their childhood learning. 


  • Play lifetime, learn lifetime, happy lifetime

Our enthusiasm comes from our interests and teaching passions, expecting to create an environment for kids to learn through playing.

  • Learning is the motivation of growing

In order to offer the best products and services, our team keeps going further. We encourage our team members to study in various fields, so that we can expand our capacity in each fields.

  • Finding happiness while learning

Happiness is a powerful positive energy. It leads human to the moon, explore the earth, stimulating an infinite curiosity. It can also guide us to create the unknown world. We believe the power of happiness is able to give us continuous creativity and passions.



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